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Alexander Wark Feeney

I’ve been dealing with visual snow my whole life. Growing up, I would get scolded for squinting to see things in the distance and should be wearing glasses, but every time I went to the eye doctor, they would always say I had 20/20 vision. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually had the vocabulary to explain how things look to me to someone. That was the moment I realized that I see way differently than anyone else. Since then, it’s been good to know I’m not alone and be able to study up on Visual Snow Syndrome as more information comes out.

I’ve got lots of eye floaters and a pretty heavy amount of snow in my eyesight. I’m a photographer and videographer by trade, and the only thing the visual snow really impairs is making sure I get my subjects in focus. So, I have to spend a little extra time making sure I have it correct. One of the reasons I love taking astrophotography pictures is that with the camera, I can see the night sky and stars in their regular form. I’m hoping that one day, as VSS is better understood, I’ll be able to see the stars unimpaired.

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