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Bertram dos Santos Nickoll

Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Bertram dos Santos Nickoll💙

Spotlight on: Bertram dos Santos Nickoll

Hi my name is Bertram, i am 22 yo and i live in Brazil, my English is not very good so i may miss some words or get grammatical a little bit wrong (sorry about that), i started noticing some strange visual phenomena when i was about 15, it began with some colorful lights dots spontaneously appearing when i look to the dark, and if i stare too much at something it’s corners get stuck in my visual Field and i can see the shape of the object for some seconds even when i close my eyes or look to another direction, and with the time, i started noticing the so called "visual snow" i was very concerned about this cause i thought that i could become blind, then i went to an ophthalmologist and after some retinal exams nothing was found, then i went to consult a neurologist, the same thing happened after sections of tomography exams, after trying to find any answer i started to accept the conditions and i try to ignore them, i am also a very anxious person and since the past year i had my first panic attacks that suddenly pop out, this anxiety is not related to the visual conditions, since i accepted them for a while before my anxiety became to get worse, for reasons that me myself don’t know, so this is briefly my story, i am glad to find a site to talk about this and thanks to those that read my story, bye . . .

Bertram dos Santos Nickoll
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