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Meet our #CreativeMind of the week, Emily

Spotlight on: Emily

I just want to see towels

As I sit in the bathroom

Opposite the door

I see towels hanging there

Some have fallen to the floor

As I look, I see them

But there’s also something else

There’s white dots and floaters

It makes me not feel like myself

It’s called visual snow

And it’s constantly all around

It’s in places of light, and dark

And in my ears there’s a ringing sound

I wish it would go away

And leave me alone, in peace

But it’s here, part of me and my vision

And it’s never going to cease

I’ll try and come to terms with it

And treat it like my own little world of glitter

But it’s hard, sometimes impossible

And makes my life just that bit shitter

So, as I sit here in the bathroom

Opposite the door

I’ll look at these towels

And pretend that I’m a lucky one, to be able to also see so much more

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