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Erika sivc

Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Erika Sivc💙

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My symptoms started abruptly in the summer of 2022, unbeknownst to me that my body was reacting to my condition. Seeking help for mental health issues in the fall, my doctor identified migraine symptoms. Oblivious to my body’s reactions, I had been consistently taking painkillers.

After trying various medications and doses, Nortriptyline finally brought my migraine symptoms under control. I’ve been on a 150mg daily dose since, with minimal symptoms. Though my vision still occasionally experiences delays and one eye is weaker, life has started feeling normal again.

Today, discovering a TikTok about visual snow syndrome, I can’t believe it’s a real thing, with others sharing my experiences. It feels like imposter syndrome, but if I can make a difference, Nortriptyline has been incredibly helpful, and I hope it can be researched further for this condition.

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