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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week-Gabby Dziekan

Meet our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Gabby Dziekan! ????

Spotlight on: Gabby Dziekan

Poetry is the way i have coped through this disorder, maybe it can be your refuge as it is for me. 🙂

Ive been living with a rare neurological disorder for the past 5 years.

When you hear someone say they have a chronic condition you’d never expect a freshly turned 13 year old to be the culprit.

A script written on the inside of my palm.

The doomsday clock started ticking as a new lense covered over my world.

A bleak grainy screen was all that was left of a once pristine view it’s as if i have broken a mirror and have spent my days picking up the pieces the impossible jigsaw puzzle with always one missing piece.

My 8th grade english class taught me what fear was growing parallel to the antagonist of “flowers for algernon” withering away slowly and it’s deathly grasp was on my vision the tick of the clock reflected on the corners of my mind until I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I somehow managed to drive myself into a state of paranoia by lunch time june stuck to the back of my throat as sorrow swallowed me whole the after images of cars swerving past became the kryptonite of my being.

A pill bottle horder became my alter ego the healthcare industry’s personal research rabbit.

I prayed that one day Id find that doctor that would sprout wings and for once could feel safe within the bright lights i remember feeling as if it would never get better it took me awhile, but here i am giving my younger self the olive branch i won’t find that missing puzzle piece for now i might never.

And that’s okay I have learned to unclench my fists retracting the anchors there’s no use in punishing yourself for things simply out of your control you have to consider your life as the biggest miracle that’s ever happened because in the end acceptance is the only way to be set free. – im gonna have to live like this forever, might as well do it with poise.

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