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India Whitmarsh-Lewis and Melody Smith

Meet our #Warriorsoftheweek, India Whitmarsh-Lewis And Melody Smithđź’™
Spotlight on: India and Melody

Hey everyone! We are Melody and India, two best friends from London. We met at university and only recently found out that, alongside our love for horror films and monkeys, we share one crucial thing in common: Visual Snow Syndrome.

We made this discovery while on holiday in France. As we looked up at the sky, we both asked the same question: Are those stars we see, or is it the Snow? Immediately, we turned to each other and exclaimed,

“Snow? You see it too?”

From that moment on, our lives and friendship changed. We sat around until the early hours of the morning, recounting our stories of Visual Snow Syndrome. We discussed our symptoms, ranging from migraines to blurred vision to severe mental health issues.

Little did we know that we were not alone in this experience; there were others out there, fellow warriors, other fighters. Our sole purpose from that moment on became clear: How could we tell the world about Visual Snow Syndrome?

That’s when we discovered the Visual Snow Initiative, an incredible resource filled with valuable information on everything from current research to coping mechanisms.

We hope that by sharing our story, we can inspire others to see the beauty of the Snow, the dazzling sparkles in our vision.

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