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Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Kelsey Upchurchđź’™

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I’ve had Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) since childhood, but it wasn’t until three years ago that I discovered its name. What used to be a comforting norm turned into something frightening. Initially, I would only experience visual disturbances in the dark—floating colors, kaleidoscope-like images. However, in 2020, my vision started impairing throughout the day, especially in brightly lit areas.

The turning point that prompted me to seek medical care occurred while driving home from work. My vision was so filled with ‘stuff’ that I couldn’t see properly. There were also instances when my husband had to assist me out of our very white shower, as my vision became so unclear that I was nervous to navigate the tub’s edge.

Three years later, I’ve learned that the fear of the unknown and what was happening exacerbated the situation. With the care of my neuropathologist at Washington University and a better understanding of the syndrome, I now experience way more good days than bad. Knowledge has proven to be empowering in this scenario. Once you understand that you are not in danger and identify your triggers (which vary for everyone), you can better cope with and manage the syndrome.

Stay fearless and know that there is a community of individuals who have experienced exactly what you’re feeling. Support can go a long way!

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