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Snehal Ojha

Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Snehal Ojha💙

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I recently learned about Visual Snow Syndrome, and it was incredibly relatable. I had been aware that something was wrong with my vision (and ears due to tinnitus). I experienced several symptoms, such as mild photophobia, nyctalopia, constant floaters, colored statics in my vision, blue field entoptic phenomenon (when looking at the sky), and constant tinnitus.

While my VSS is more than mild, it doesn’t significantly impact my day-to-day tasks. I was born with VSS (no drugs involved). I became aware of the issue when I was five years old and spent hours observing the statics (atoms) in my class. Prior to that, I believed they were completely normal and that everyone saw them.

I am now 13, and while I don’t claim to have VSS, I proudly consider myself a VSS warrior (maybe you are too). My only concern is that it doesn’t worsen. Hopefully, it won’t, right? I often get stressed and annoyed when I can’t see stars properly, especially since I’m an astronomy lover.

However, I realize that many of you may have a stronger case of VSS, so I consider myself fortunate. I also take comfort in knowing that I am not alone.

If you have VSS, remember that many others share this condition, and instead of suffering, we can rock and enjoy life. 😊

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