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These inspiring individuals with Visual Snow Syndrome are sharing their experiences living with this condition and how they try their best to overcome its symptoms everyday.

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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Angelina Cubero

Meet our fifth #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear Angelina’s inspiring story about how she manages to push through despite her #VSS and not let it stop her from stepping out of her comfort zone. ?✨

Spotlight on: Angelina Cubero ❤️

“Hi! My name is Angelina, I am 24 yrs old from New York City. I am an undergraduate student, in my last year studying Psychology. VSS has caused me to become overwhelmed, especially in classroom settings. ??? I often doze off and focus on the static rather than the lectures. Despite all of this, I still manage to push through and even chose to push myself further and step outside of my comfort zone. I am now studying abroad in New Zealand, away from everything I know, seeing the world through my unique visual lens!” ☺️?

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