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Ozdemir Yavuzciftci

Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Ozdemir Yavuzciftciđź’™

Spotlight on: Ozdemir Yavuzciftci

Hello, my warriors. My name is Ozdemir. My English is not very good, so I apologize for any typos.

Everything started after I won the green card and moved to America.

All of the bad habits here overlapped, causing my first-hand perception to deteriorate. I couldn’t understand and interpret people. I experienced headaches and aura attacks, and after 4 months, I had to return to my country.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, my family and Doctors didn’t believe me. I was alone, except for my girlfriend of 8 years. Then a severe depression came along with panic attacks and anxiety. I couldn’t understand what was happening and I was very scared.

My vision became double, and my eyes were blurry.

I saw “snow” and experienced migraines. I also had electric shocks, and tinnitus.

A Doctor in Turkey who showed interest in my condition supported me a lot. I managed to overcome the depression, although I still experience visual snow and migraines.

I bought a plane ticket and returned to America, where I am now. I have made very nice friends here, and I am happy. I am waiting for my lover to come to America too.

Life is very good, and one day, we will all overcome this condition. Keep fighting until that day comes.

Victory will be ours, warriors.

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