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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Rick Nowlin

Meet our fourth #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear how Rick learned to approach life with #VisualSnow differently and continue to do what he loves. ⛺️?

Spotlight on: Rick Nowlin ??

“I have a basic approach: I do not let VS dictate what I do or don’t do. I’ve had VS for a very long time and had a period when VS was getting the better of me. I felt it was shrinking my world. I was avoiding doing certain things or places that made my VS worse. I decided to not let that happen. Recent examples are earlier this year I spent a month in Australia and New Zealand spending most of the time hiking and enjoying the wonderful countries. I also spent 3 weeks recently hiking and camping off the grid up in Utah and Idaho. No internet, no phones, no TV. Don’t let VS run your life.” ???✨

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