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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Mary Payton

Meet our first #WarriorOfTheWeek and learn about how Mary’s medical condition empowers her to create beautiful works of art! ??

Spotlight on: Mary Payton, Artist ?✨ @paytonology

“I have identified myself as an artist all of my life. Art has always been tied to emotion for me. Creating out of anger, sadness, joy, fear, or boredom. So when I started experiencing symptoms of Visual Snow Syndrome I panicked. I went from eye specialists to eye surgeons, and neurologists to neuro ophthalmologists. It took almost four years for the right doctor to say “Draw for me what you see.” And she instantly knew that it WAS my brain, contrary to all of the other doctors’ notes.

The day I stopped driving because of VSS, was difficult. I had a small personal pity party. But I had the realization shortly after, that I was making art again. And I was making it because of the VSS! I began analyzing what my new crazy brain was showing me. My world looked AMAZING! Since then I have dedicated myself to painting again, and showing the world what it’s like to be inside the filter of Visual Snow Syndrome. It has been one of the best things that ever happened to me! I will honestly never see it as anything else.”

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