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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Yuri Fontouri

Meet our second #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear about how Yuri discovered his condition and learned to adapt and live life stronger than ever ?❤️

Spotlight on: Yuri Fontoura ?✨

“Hello, my name is Yuri, I’m 19 years old and I live in Brazil.

At some point in my childhood, I began to notice that there was something different with my vision, as static and the many floaters became present in my daily life. At that time, despair was frequent, after all, family members and ophthalmologists did not know what I had, I had no eye problems.

I had supposedly adapted to the condition, simply ignored the static, flies, humming, palinopsia, etc. But sometime in my teens I happened to discover that I had visual snow through descriptions and videos on the Internet. This new discovery made me suffer from some depressive and anxious seizures, but after a neurologist prescribed me an antidepressant, I told myself that I would adapt and didn’t need to suffer so much for it. There is nothing more motivating than having no way out, is there?

Today I have adapted to the snow and just get on with my life normally, even though aura migraines have bothered me lately. The snow made me realize how strong I can be and how much longer life can be. As difficult as it may be, a few of my friends and I say: it is possible to live normally with visual snow, just as people live with nearsightedness and various other problems that, as they are better known, do not generate such sadness and feelings of abandonment.

There were two real problems with living with visual snow: reading and seeing in the dark. Nowadays both problems have been resignified, as I ignore the difficulty of reading. I learned to read with difficulty and not bother with it, and as no one really sees well in the dark (and we can turn on a light, right?), I realized It doesn’t even have to be a problem.”

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