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Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological condition that impacts an individual’s vision, hearing, and quality of life. Patients see flickering lights, dots, and static, which obstruct their visual field 24/7. There is no relief for them, even when their eyes are closed. Our goal is to help those with Visual Snow live and enjoy their life without fear. Together, we will find a cure!


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VSI Raises $140,000 For Visual Snow Research At Monash University

VSI Raises $140,000 For Visual Snow Research At Monash University

VSI Raises $100,000 For Visual Snow Research At Kings College London

VSI Raises $100,000 For Visual Snow Research At Kings College London

VSI Raises $125,000 For Visual Snow Research At University of Colorado

VSI Raises $125,000 For Visual Snow Research At University of Colorado


About Us

The Cure Of Understanding

The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is an extension of the Visual Snow Conference, which was held on May 5th, 2018 at UCSF. The Visual Snow Conference was established to shine a light on Visual Snow Syndrome by raising awareness and fostering understanding for those whose lives are directly affected by this medical condition. Footage of the entire event is available for free on the Visual Snow Conference website.


Visual Snow News

Visual Snow Featured On CBS’ The Doctors

Founder Sierra Domb and Dr. Peter Goadsby are featured on CBS' The Doctors television show on May 13, 2019. The Doctors are joined by Sierra, who has Visual Snow Syndrome, and her neurologist, Dr. Peter Goadsby. Sierra says she first realized something was wrong when...


Why We Do It

The term “Visual Snow” may sound harmless, but this medical condition can be intrusive and frightening. Visual Snow Syndrome affects people of all ages throughout the globe from all walks of life, but mostly young people in their teens and twenties. While the structure of their eyes may be fine, the issue lies within the brain, where hyperactivity of the visual cortex occurs; this is believed to be the root cause of Visual Snow.

In comparison to everyone else around them, patients see the world far differently. Without warning or cause, people with Visual Snow Syndrome are forced to view the world through an unceasing overlay of static with thousands of tiny moving dots and light across their field of vision. They are also subjected to other disturbing imagery, ranging from palinopsia to extreme light sensitivity. Beyond being bothersome and alarming, all of these symptoms can make the easiest of tasks exhausting or impossible. Moreover, they last 24/7, whether the patient’s eyes are open or closed.

Research indicates that Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological condition, meaning the problem originates in the brain, not the eyes. Essentially, its genesis is in the brain, but it affects the eyes. This would explain why ophthalmological/optometric tests (eye exams) come back “normal” for patients with Visual Snow and why it is so difficult for doctors to diagnose.

Awareness and knowledge about Visual Snow Syndrome need to replace unnecessary and invasive medical tests. For many, Visual Snow can be traumatic and isolating. The Visual Snow Initiative is dedicated to further understanding the condition and working on a potential treatment/cure for it.

We often take the ability to see our world clearly for granted; those with Visual Snow do not have this luxury.


“I was determined not to let Visual Snow stifle my ambition. I did not want this circumstance to turn me into a person I wasn’t.”

Sierra Domb, Founder

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Let’s start working together to spread awareness and education for the medical community and those dealing with Visual Snow! Once this is firmly established, then we can move forward towards a cure!

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To all the people who have Visual Snow that have been marginalized and/or have had trouble explaining what Visual Snow is to their friends, family, and doctors, this short video is for you. The traditional explanation of our condition is often lengthy, complex, and scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

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