Cleveland Clinic has now recognized Visual Snow Syndrome

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Great News from Cleveland Clinic

The Visual Snow Initiative editorial team is pleased to share some great news with our VSS community & friends today. It is our pleasure to announce that significant medical entities have listened to the voice of our VSS patients and finally, we are seeing the results of that listening.

Research and awareness are paying off! Another prominent medical institution has just joined our cause.

Cleveland Clinic has now recognized and acknowledged the existence of Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) as a medical condition & added it to their website. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit medical entity dedicated to providing clinical care. It is a leader in research, education, and health information, making it accessible and understandable so readers can make the best possible decisions about their health.

From Cleveland Clinic:

Visual snow syndrome is a condition that causes you to see static. Some describe it as seeing things in a snow globe that has been shaken up. There are flickering dots throughout the field of vision. Additionally, the “snow” that you see may be colorful, black-and-white, transparent or may flash.

Many people have visual snow syndrome as a chronic condition. Many people may also have migraines and anxiety, but they are distinct processes.

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