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Great News from Neuroscience News

The Visual Snow Initiative editorial team is pleased to share some great news with our VSS community & friends today. It is our pleasure to announce that significant medical entities have listened to the voice of our VSS patients and finally, we are seeing the results of that listening.

Research and awareness are paying off! Another prominent medical institution has just joined our cause.

Neuroscience News has now recognized and acknowledged the existence of Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) as a medical condition & added it to its website. Neuroscience News is dedicated on neuroscience and other cognitive sciences research to help improve the delivery of awareness across professionals and the general public.

From Neuroscience News:

Winter means snow starts falling in many parts of the country. But there’s a different kind of snow that appears year-round for some across the globe.

Visual snow, is a rare condition in which people see a type of “TV static” in their vision. The condition affects around 2% of the population. While the disorder itself can not be treated, it is possible to treat symptoms associated with the disorder.

Other symptoms may involve flashes of light or seeing things that the brain is supposed to tune out, such as eye floaters or afterimages. These types of symptoms can be distracting by themselves. However, some people also suffer from additional symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches or ringing in the ears.

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