Sierra Domb, VSI Announce New “Neurovember” Initiative feat. Schankin & Klein Video Series

Sierra Domb, VSI Announce New "Neurovember" Initiative feat. Schankin & Klein Video Series

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Sierra Domb, VSI: Neurovember + Schankin & Klein Video Series

New Neurovember Initiative (Nov.1st-Nov. 30th)

Throughout the month of November, Sierra Domb and the VSI team will be starting a new initiative called Neurovember (#neurovember) to boost accessibility, awareness, and education about neurology and brain health in relation to Visual Snow Syndrome.

Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is a multifaceted neurological disorder that can impact vision, hearing, sensory-processing, and cognition. Sierra Domb, Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative, has voiced her thoughts regarding the problematic nature of “exclusivity” in neuroscience. Sierra is passionate about making neuroscience education more accessible for people of all ages and degrees of health literacy. Through their Neurovember Initiative, Sierra Domb and the VSI team hope to empower VSS patients and encourage everyone to learn about how the human brain works, so they can better understand how it affects their health. This knowledge may also help patients communicate with their healthcare providers to make the best collective and informed decisions regarding their physical and mental health.

New VSI Collaboration and Videos feat. Dr. Christoph Schankin & Dr. Antonia Klein

To kick off their new Neurovember Initiative, Sierra Domb and her team have announced VSI’s latest collaboration with Neurologist Dr. Christoph Schankin and Dr. & Neurology Resident Antonia Klein of the University of Bern.

Released throughout the month of November on our YouTube channel , the new VSI-Bern Video Series includes:

  • Information/updates about Dr. Schankin and Dr. Klein’s upcoming research and work with the Visual Snow Initiative
  • Their involvement in VSS research
  • Their experiences seeing VSS patients
  • The past and future of VSS research
  • Discussions about their findings related to Visual Snow Syndrome and neurology 
  • Messages for VSS patients and the medical community


The VSI’s newest Video Series with Dr. Christoph Schankin and Dr. Antonia Klein will be posted on our YouTube channel and shared our social media channels. Additional neurology and brain health-related content will continue to be shared by VSI throughout Neurovember.

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