Visual Snow Initiative, Sierra Domb, Receive Support from Tommy Davidson for Their Cause

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Founder Sierra Domb is joined by Actor and Comedian Tommy Davidson to raise awareness for Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), a devastating neurological disorder that impacts vision, hearing, sensory processing, cognition, and quality of life. Founded by Sierra Domb in 2018 to find a cure for Visual Snow Syndrome, the Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is a nonprofit dedicated awareness, education, and research for VSS.

Through their collaboration with the Artists Project LA, Sierra Domb and the VSI team have garnered support via awareness efforts and PSA participation from various celebrities and public figures. Collectively, they are working together to spread the word about Visual Snow Syndrome to facilitate visibility, resources, and solutions for the condition.

Many people with Visual Snow Syndrome feel alone and marginalized, as the condition has gone virtually unacknowledged by the medical community until now. VSI Founder Sierra Domb hopes that by seeing this level of investment and enthusiasm from public figures to raise awareness, people with Visual Snow Syndrome can start to feel the recognition, validation, and hope they have long deserved as she and her team continue to advocate for solutions.

Sierra Domb and the Visual Snow Initiative team express their thanks and gratitude to Tommy Davidson for his efforts, which will help them raise awareness for Visual Snow Syndrome in hopes of, one day, finding a cure.

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