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Great News from WebMD

Research and awareness are paying off! Another prominent medical institution has just joined our cause.

WebMD has now recognized and acknowledged the existence of Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) as a medical condition & added it to its website.

WebMD is a medical entity dedicated to making health information accessible and understandable so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their health.

From WebMD:

Visual snow is a continuous visual disturbance that can entirely obscure vision. People who have it often describe it as a tiny flickering that resembles television static. While this “snow” is usually black and white, it might also be colored or transparent.

Visual snow syndrome often comes accompanied by other visual disturbances that make this condition highly obstructive in most cases. For example, some have reported impaired night vision or sensitivity to light (photophobia). Furthermore, visual effects originating from the eye are also common, such as palinopsia — a condition that causes prolonged after-images, as if objects were leaving a trace.

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