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People with Visual Snow should have a comprehensive examination with an optometrist who has advanced education and experience in Visual Snow.

Optometrists Dr. Charles Shidlofsky of Texas, Dr. Terry Tsang of California have collaborated with the Visual Snow Initiative’s Director of Research, Vanessa Mora in clinical research involving optometric assessment and management of visual snow and associated visual and ocular conditions, presenting their research recently at the 2022 Visual Snow Initiative Virtual Conference.  

Drs Shidlofsky and Tsang agreed to present two days of education for Australian and New Zealand optometrists in Sydney in 2023.  Watch the conference video highlights HERE They provided ACBO Optometrists comprehensive information on:

  • Signs and symptoms of Visual Snow
  • Criteria for inclusion, diagnosis of exclusion
  • Co-morbidities
  • The neurology of vision and Visual Snow Syndrome
  • Case history
  • Standard optometric testing; functional visual evaluation; observational testing, and neuro-sensory testing
  • Vision therapy process for visual and visual-vestibular dysfunctions
  • Assessment and prescription of chromatic filters
  • Interaction with Covid and other illnesses

Please refer to the list below to find an Optometrist in your area who has attended the recent Visual Snow Syndrome Masterclass and make an appointment

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