Many people who have Visual Snow Syndrome also have Tinnitus. We collaborated with our good friends at Tinnitus Hub on a special episode of their podcast, Tinnitus Talk. “Visual Snow and Tinnitus: Phantom Phenomena” features VSI Founder Sierra Domb and neurologist Dr. Peter Goadsby as they discuss analogies between the two conditions and talk about their experiences in trying to push the envelope for Visual Snow sufferers.

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Podcast Description:

Visual snow is a poorly understood condition. The patient experience is often one of being misunderstood, and research is in its infancy. What can be done? Two pioneers in this field, patient advocate Sierra Domb and neurologist Dr. Peter Goadsby, talk about their incredible experiences in trying to push the envelope for visual snow sufferers.

Much of this sounds eerily similar to the tinnitus experience, and we spoke extensively about the analogies between the two conditions. Both are invisible illnesses, both are related to sensory perception, both exist on a scale of severity, both are little recognized and severely underfunded.

If you would like to get more information on Tinnitus, Tinnitus Hub offers an array of valuable and helpful resources.

If you are interested in learning more about Visual Snow Syndrome and its relation to Tinnitus, please tune into the Podcast Episode.


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The VSI Virtual Summit 2022

Our team invites you to learn about the Tsang/Shidlofsky Visual Snow Protocol and the latest advancements in treating Visual Snow Syndrome in this free virtual event.

Agenda For VSI Summit:

  • Visual Snow Syndrome - A Look Back
  • Symptoms in Review
  • Meet Dr. Terry Tsang and Dr. Charles Shidlofsky
  • A message from Sierra Domb, the Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative
  • The Visual Snow Study
  • The Results
  • The Treatment Protocol
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Patient Testimonials
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