VSI Presents Neuroscientist Ed Boyden with Váró Brain Sculpture for His Support

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Paul Domb, Co-Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative, presented an abstract brain sculpture to neuroscientist Dr. Edward Boyden on April 3, 2019 at the McGovern Reading Room at MIT. Created by world-renowned sculptor Márton Váró, The Brain was given to Dr. Boyden as thanks for his support to help advance a cure for Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), a debilitating neurological condition that affects numerous people worldwide.

Since May 2018, the award-winning neuroscientist has worked with the VSI’s global researchers on crafting new technologies to treat and/or cure VSS. “My work involves developing tools for analyzing and repairing complex biological systems, such as the brain, which is often puzzling. Visual Snow Syndrome poses a dilemma for physicians trying to make a diagnosis because it affects eyesight but is a brain issue and not an eye disorder,” states Boyden. “When I learned about the challenges of diagnosing this syndrome and the daily plight many with it face, sometimes going years without a diagnosis or answers, I wanted to help.”

“Our approach to rapidly find a cure for Visual Snow Syndrome is to foster collaboration between global researchers, scientists, and physicians,” says Domb. “The VSI want to match technological expertise with the medical experts which can create unconventional solutions. With Dr. Boyden’s generous support we are moving closer to help people worldwide suffering from this syndrome.”

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