New Upcoming Video Series: Dr. Peter Goadsby

New Upcoming Video Series: Dr. Peter Goadsby

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The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is excited to announce our new video series featuring Dr. Peter Goadsby!

New Videos Starting On: June 7, 2024

In this video series, Dr. Peter Goadsby will delve into various topics, addressing questions about Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), upcoming studies, brain imaging, his opinion on current studies and treatment options, as well as his collaboration with VSI and our Founder, Sierra Domb. He will provide expert insights and share his personal perspectives on the condition.

Dr. Peter Goadsby is an Australian neuroscientist, 2021 Brain Prize winner, Director of the National Institute for Health Research – Wellcome Trust King’s Clinical Research Facility and a Professor of Neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He was also a Professor of Neurology at King’s College London and collaborates with their VSS research team led by Dr. Francesca Puledda. Dr. Goadsby has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of neuroscience, specifically making critical discoveries about VSS and unraveling the causes of migraine.

Dr. Goadby is one of VSI’s founding collaborators/experts and has been involved since the beginning of Visual Snow Syndrome, establishing the criteria that form the foundation for VSS diagnosis and helping patients when no one else would. Even when his colleagues in the medical community were skeptical and dismissive about the condition’s existence years back, Dr. Goadsby advocated for its legitimacy and helped prove that VSS was real, providing concrete scientific, neurological evidence. 

Additionally, he has been working with Dr. Owen White and Sierra Domb to get Visual Snow Syndrome its own ICD code, recognized by the World Health Organization. Dr. Goadsby continues his VSS-related work through VSI and collaborates on studies with our Global Research Team in pursuit of our shared goal of discovering more about the condition and developing solutions to help VSS patients.

Stay tuned for the video series on our YouTube channel!

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