“Short-Wave Sensitive (‘Blue’) Cone Activation Is an Aggravating Factor for Visual Snow Symptoms” — Color Modulation Impacts VSS, Certain Brain Pathways May Be Responsible for Pathogensis

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Jenny L. Hepschke, Paul R. Martin, and Clare L. Fraser


“Our results show that visual snow symptoms are exacerbated by colour modulation that selectively increased levels of S-cone excitation. Because S-cone signals travel on primordial brain pathways that regulate cortical rhythms (koniocellular pathways) we hypothesis that these pathways contribute to the pathogenesis of this disorder.”

Background & Purpose

“Visual Snow (VS) is a disorder characterised by the subjective perception of black-and-white visual static. The aetiology of this condition is not known. In our previous work we suggested that there is a link between short-wave (S or “blue” cone) signals and severity of visual snow symptoms. Therefore we aimed to further characterise this potential link.”

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