For Those Waiting for the Visual Snow Initiatives Project (VIP) Launch

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Where Is It?

The team at VSI is working around the clock to optimize the VIP experience.

What Exactly Is The VIP?

It is a visual experience program designed to reduce VSS symptoms. It will be accessible via a desktop computer through our website. It will require about 10–20 minutes of viewing visual imagery per day.

Why Is It Taking Long?

The VIP involves CGI, computer experts, as well as a collaboration between neuroscientists and researchers. The VSI wants to provide an optimum user-friendly experience.

What Is The Charge or Fee?

When launched, the VIP will be free for everyone.

Will This Work For Everyone?

No, it will not. In trials, it has helped some reduce a cross section of their VSS symptoms. We hope this will be a helpful form of therapy. But rest assured, if it does not work for you, all other areas of VS research are being covered. As this information develops, you can look forward to more updates on our website and through our social media channels. There will always be other options and opportunities.

When Will VIP Be Available?

As of now, we are expecting late January or early February. We apologize for the delays. Oftentimes, they are to be expected as we learn more about this condition and try to create an optimum experience. In addition, if there is another promising area of research worthy of directing attention to, we will refocus our energies to achieve the best results for all.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

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