King’s College Announces New Research Funded by the Visual Snow Initiative

King's College Announces New Research Funded by the Visual Snow Initiative-Cover

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Original article: Dr. Francesca Puledda Awarded $200,000 for Visual Snow Research

Pictured from left to right: Viviana Santoro, Diana Wei, Amara Anderson, Kostis Christoforou, Stefania Maniataki, Peter Goadsby, Francesca Puledda, Nazia Karsan, Fiona Greenwood, & Maria Villar Martinez

“The award came from the Visual Snow Initiative to fund an investigation into the mechanism behind this neurological disorder.

Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is an under-recognised neurological disorder characterised by a constant perception of small flickering dots throughout the field of vision. People with VSS can also experience a combination of visual symptoms such as afterimages, sensitivity to light and difficulty seeing at night. It affects approximately 3% of the population…”

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