New Visual Snow Song, Music Video, & More Out Now!

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We are thrilled to share exciting updates on the collaboration between Scott Summers and Eliat, two talented musicians on a mission to raise awareness about Visual Snow Syndrome

“My WRLD” is now available for streaming on all major platforms!


You can also find the music video for ‘My WRLD’ on YouTube.

A Special Thank You to the writers: Anonymous, Chelsea D., Brooke R., Rochelle S., Paula H., Nikita T. Victoria H., Saara J., Anonymous, Himani S., Anonymous, Jayla W. Anonymous, Isaac P., Jodi B., Anonymous, Carrilyn R., Danielle C. Anonymous, Jen T., Archana R., Angelo I., Anonymous, Kyle L. Camil R., Daniel B., Anonymous, Tommy B., Kristina M., Anne S. Anonymous, Malayka T., Kara A., Katie P., Hannah A., Erin S. Anonymous, Ma’ayan B., Anonymous, Bev C., Luke B., Zach B. Olivia D., Rachel S., Claire G., Nicole S., Ayel B., Anonymous Hannah K., Anonymous, Victoria W., Katey S., Anonymous Daniela J., Andrew B., Gustav L., Raul M., Maressa B. Jessica H., Eva Z., Aurian F., Isaac T., Caitlin J., Anonymous Anonymous, Anonymous, Feryal F., Anonymous, Dominika S. Angie K., Anonymous, Jacqueline H., Steven N., Anil Can Y. Mia R., Victoria H., Thomas R., Amelia C., Anonymous.


They have completed a remarkable documentary explaining why they wrote a song for Visual Snow Syndrome and are now ready to share their behind-the-scenes journey with you!


This project wouldn’t have been possible without you and your experiences. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their personal stories, making this song a reality.

Scott Summers and Eliat have put together a short clip showcasing all the responses they received to create the song.

“Thank you to everyone who submitted their Visual Snow Story. 

MY WRLD Wouldn’t have been possible without you. This is OUR song. You helped write it. You guys are so inspiring. Reading what you had to say makes me want to live a better life regardless of my VSS. 

I’m so proud to be part of this community; you guys are all so supportive and positive.”

– Scott Summers 

Be Featured On The MY WRLD Spotify Canvas

MY WRLD Sunglasses

Help contribute to finding a cure! 🕶️🤝🌞  

A portion of each sale will be donated directly to the Visual Snow Initiative to help fund research to find a cure for VSS.


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