Recent Study, “Ocular Motor Measures Visual Processing Changes in Visual Snow Syndrome”, Published in Neurology Journal

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The Fielding/White research Ocular Motor research team at Monash University recently conducted a study that revealed new, significant information about Visual Snow Syndrome. Associate Professor Joanne Fielding, Adjunct Clinical Professor Owen White, Emma J. Solly, Meaghan Clough, Allison M. McKendrick, and Paige Foletta used 3 validated and distinct ocular motor tasks to learn more about the types of visual processing changes that occur in people with Visual Snow. Among their groundbreaking findings was evidence that people with the condition appear to be processing visual stimuli faster than normal. They also have hyper-accelerated eye movements.

The team found objective and quantifiable evidence of visual processing changes in people with Visual Snow. Moreover, they identified a distinct behavior that is characteristic of VSS patients, which can they can be tested for and then appropriately diagnosed.

Fielding describes the research as “one giant step closer to finding a cure” because it the first step in understanding the basic causal mechanisms of the condition.

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For additional information on the type research the VSI is working on with the Ocular Motor Research group at Monash University, please visit their website to learn more or simply click here.

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