VSI Expert Dr. Peter Goadsby Awarded 2021 Brain Prize

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We’re happy to congratulate one of our own, Dr. Peter Goadsby, Visual Snow expert and research pioneer, for being awarded the world’s largest neuroscience prize: the 2021 Brain Prize!

Dr. Goadsby is one of VSI’s founding collaborators/experts. He’s been there since the beginning, establishing the criteria that is the foundation for Visual Snow diagnosis and helping patients when no one else would. Even when his colleagues in the medical community were skeptical and dismissive about the condition‘s existence years back, Dr. Goadsby advocated for its legitimacy.

He helped prove VSS was real, providing concrete scientific, neurological evidence.

We’re proud that Dr. Goadsby is part of our international initiative to collaborate, educate, and treat/cure VSS. He and his team discovered a key mechanism for migraines; we’re optimistic new revelations can be made over the years for Visual Snow research as well.

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