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The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is thrilled to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, developed under the leadership of VSI’s Director of IT, Mehrad Mazaheri.

The updated website features a range of enhanced functionalities for an improved user experience for the Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) community.

Key Updates:

  1. Brand New Website Design:The website has been completely updated with a fresh and modern design, optimized for an enhanced user experience. The new configuration ensures easy navigation, user-friendly interface, and improved accessibility features, making it simple for visitors to access information, resources, and support.
  2. Visual Representations of VSS: The website now includes new graphics that effectively represent the visual disturbances and non-visual symptoms experienced by individuals with VSS. These visual representations create a more immersive and relatable experience for visitors, helping them better understand the condition, its impact, as well as what each VSS symptom looks like.
  3. New FAQ Page: This page has been added to provide VSS patients with answers to their most common questions, making it quick and easier for them to find relevant information and resources.
  4. New Visual Snow Worldwide Page: Our new gallery showcases a collection of images from people and places around the world, highlighting the Visual Snow community and showcasing the significant contrast between the lives of those with VSS symptoms and those without.
  5. New Managing VSS Page: This page is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment options for Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), along with helpful tips for managing symptoms.
  6. Updated Physicians Directory: The Physicians Directory has been alphabetized and organized by location (country/state/city). It now includes profile images and a search bar, making it convenient for individuals seeking medical assistance.
  7. Warriors of the Week: The website now features a new UI/UX design, allowing the VSS community to easily share their stories on social media, raising awareness and fostering community support.
  8. Printable Documents for Patients: Important printable documents, including the treatment protocol and diagnostic criteria, are now available for VSS patients to easily access and print to share with their doctors, aiding in their diagnosis and treatment.

“Our team has put in significant effort to design and develop a website that fits the specific needs of the VSS community. We will continue to add new resources and functionalities to the website, serving as a comprehensive hub for VSS information, treatment development, research updates, and community support.” – Mehrad Mazaheri

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new website features, we encourage you to reach out to our VSI Director of IT. Our IT dept is here to assist you and address any concerns you may have.
Email: [email protected]

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