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Shad Dai

Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Shad Dai💙

Spotlight on: Shad Dai

I am currently 13 years old, and I have had visual snow for as long as I can remember. I always thought this was normal and that everyone else saw this, too.

I recently discovered visual snow after asking a friend how they can see in the dark with all the static. After they stared at me, confused, with no answer, we decided to look to the internet, and you can understand my shock when I saw the first link online saying that I have a rare neurological disorder that can’t be diagnosed. I was born with VSS and had a mild case of it.

I always read in darker areas and would have my device brightness settings lower than others(my mom always told me I would go blind with how dark my room was).

I have glare from lights, mild ghosting, sensitivity to bright or vibrant lights(primarily reflections like jewelry displays), floaters every time I go outside, mild transparent visual snow, a wavy vision like you’re in a heat wave, tinnitus, trouble seeing in the dark, and some other symptoms.

I also have symptoms of heat intolerance, such as lightheadedness due to exposure to a heated environment, and when other people are comfortable or cold, I am hot. I also have solar urticaria, an autoimmune overreaction to ultraviolet radiation. In other words, I’m pretty much a half-blind vampire, and summers are an immense pain.

I want to say that you aren’t alone for those with visual snow. Doctors may not be able to diagnose you, but there will always be a community out there offering support.

Shad Dai
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