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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week- Andrew Wallis

Meet our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Andrew Wallis ????

Spotlight on: Andrew Wallis

It turns out that I have always had visual snow syndrome – it just took me 50 odd years to discover there was actually a name for it! (so thank you VSI).

Since my world has always been speckled with dots and flickering colours – I simply assumed everyone else’s vision was the same?

Throughout my life I have had heated arguments about art – arguing the merits of the pointillist and impressionist painters, since – in my view – they captured a version of the world I very much recognise.

I also had arguments about darkness and true black. I’ve never experienced total darkness. I see a black background suspended with flickering particles in fluorescent colours. My vision has always informed my art and in recent years I have developed a body of images based upon the way I see the world.

Although I understand how many people with this syndrome might struggle psychologically, I just wanted to let them know the positive aspect too: that their very unique vision of the world can be a powerful creative tool – as it has been for myself. I have enjoyed a highly successful creative career – no doubt in my own mind – as a direct consequence of having VSS.




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