Meet Anna, our #WarriorOfTheWeek, and hear her inspiring #VSS story. ❤️?

Spotlight on: Anna Lubas ⭐️

“Hi everyone! My name is Anna, I am 24 years old, and I suffered with Visual Snow for about 2 years. First, I began hearing really loud tinnitus, followed by constant static, light sensitivity, glare, and derealization. It was the most stressful and horrible thing that had ever happened to me. I sunk into a deep depression and even thought about taking my own life. After seeing doctor upon doctor, I decided to turn to my Christian faith. I was browsing online and read about a neuro-opthamologist in NYC who had experience with VS, so I decided to book an appointment. He told me he sees mostly young VS patients almost weekly in his practice, and promised me that although the symptoms may last a few years they will go away. He told me “move on with your life and have fun”. This gave me a lot of hope. He recommended I try vision therapy and I began doing it twice a week. Each week I noticed a slight reduction in my snow.

A month or 2 later my friend told me about a chiropractor who helped her with an issue of her own. I started being adjusted 3 times a week and after every session he would also perform craniosacral therapy on me. I began stretching my neck and doing PT exercises to improve my head forward posture. I saw a steady reduction in my snow and a gradual reduction in the tinnitus.

I haven’t done treatment for the past year as I started a graduate program out of state. I have seen the snow diminish to the point where I barely even notice it. About 3 months ago, the tinnitus also gradually went down. I’m guessing it was a combo of all of the treatments and therapies. Taking the neuro-opthamologist’s advice, I made a pact with myself to not think about my symptoms and enjoy life. I understand some of you may have been dealing with symptoms for years with no relief. THERE IS HOPE. If it went away for me, it can go away for you too. I pray God blesses you all!”

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