Introducing our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Carlo! Learn his story on how he developed his #VisualSnow, and how he uses photography and video making to get his mind off of it. ???

Spotlight on: Carlo Picar ?❇️ 

“In 2014, many things happened besides developing Visual Snow. All this started when I cracked my back in an unusual way while lying down on a couch. A few days later, I woke up to a very bad stomach ache then I had acid reflux for a few days. That is when two weeks or three weeks later I had the neck spasm on the left side; it was a warm feeling, then it became swollen or stiff and I couldn’t move my neck. Then I felt the warm sensation creep to my eye muscles a few days later. That warm sensation eventually reached my eyes and gave me Visual Snow. Just this year, I may have discovered the true cause of how it happened through Vertebral Subluxation on the T7 or lumbar area of my spine where I was diagnosed through a medical crowdsourcing website. After getting initial treatment from a chiropractor, they said that the warm sensation was through inflamed nerves. 

I hope getting further treatment will solve this problem. I have lived with this for 5 years. It has caused great frustration with my family going to different doctors and not finding what the real cause is, but I hope this is a breakthrough.

I do photography and video as a way to distract myself from this disease. It has helped and I’m basically living a “normal” life, trying my best to reach my dreams and goals. It’s ironic that I try to capture beautiful images through distorted lenses (my eyes) through a “perfect” artificial lens. It is a good distraction because I actually forget that I have it. Always be busy and distract yourself and try to live a positive life as much as possible.”

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COMING SOON: New Study Starting in October 2020


As some of you may know, VSI has been working with two wonderful and passionate doctors: Dr. Terry Tsang and Dr. Charles Shidlofsky ("Dr. S"). The VSI brought Dr. Tsang and Dr. S together because of their success in reducing or eliminating symptoms of VSS in their patients. They are now collaborating on a new enhanced protocol to treat VSS. Their VSS Study begins in October 2020, and there's potential for a Visual Snow Conference in the future as well. Click below for details!

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