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Chris Taylor ? @fifthlegend

“I started exhibiting VSS symptoms almost precisely two years ago. It was sudden; I woke up on Jan. 8th, 2018, & my vision had instantly changed. Static clouded my vision like a TV w/ poor reception, my vision in the dark faded, migraine auras lit up the dark when my eyes were closed, & my tinnitus got worse. I was worried I was dying or being blind was in my future. I figured my time as a photographer had come to close & concert photography? Forget it.

Depression started to develop. I couldn’t sleep, anxiety bothered me always. Until this point, health was never an issue. I went from doctor to doctor to figure it out, had every eye test in the book, got an MRI. Nothing appeared, “a clean bill of health,” was the answer. It couldn’t just be my mind, could it? Eventually I ended up in the research hospital at the University of Minnesota, where I was fortunate enough to meet someone who understood the condition. The doctor diagnosed VSS, I learned it was something I could beat, & there were other people in the world that understood what I was going through, including a friend too, whom I had no idea had it. Knowing there’s an organization looking for a cure & spreading awareness gives me comfort.

I’ve combatted VSS the best way I could, by diving in headfirst into the thing that I thought this condition would take away: my concert photography. The bright flashing lights can be disorienting & the dark presents challenges, but I learned I can handle them. VSS can be adjusted to, though it took 2 tough years, I’ve learned to live w/ it, & thrived. I’m excited about #VSI’s progress. W/ the headway the VSI has been making, soon people will no longer have to deal w/ the uncertainty that comes w/ this condition, & people around us will understand our situation. That’s something to be excited about.”

Photo Cred: Spencer Tuttrup (@stuttrup)

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In addition to VSI research currently underway in London, Colorado, Texas and California, the VSI is also raising money for VSS via a worldwide auction. You can find out more about the auction here, VSS research results will be posted on our website as they become available. Thank you.

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