Meet Braden, our amazing #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear how he discovered he had #VSS and what has helped him deal with symptoms. ???

Spotlight on: Braden Davis ?

“Like many of you I developed Visual Snow Syndrome later in life. In my case it was after eye trauma last April. After almost 4 months of seeing doctors who were baffled at my symptoms, I Googled the words “Pixelated Vision” and realized that I had Visual Snow Syndrome, which was later confirmed by a neuropathologist. Today, I live a completely normal life, which a year ago I never thought was possible. Three things in particular had the biggest impact on making this change happen: 1) FL-41 tinted glasses from @axonoptics, 2) CareUEyes computer software that works as a blue light blocker and dimmer, and 3) a low dose of CBD, which drastically reduced my light sensitivity, floaters, and constant headaches. As an Urban Planner I work on the computer constantly and when I’m not at work I spend my weekends in the Florida sun. The ability to go to work and be outside headache free again has given me my life back. I truly believe that there will be a cure in the coming years. Stay positive, after all, seeing is believing!”

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VSI Founder Sierra Domb and Dr. Peter Goadsby Join Tinnitus Hub Podcast

Many who have #VisualSnowSyndrome also have #Tinnitus. We collaborated with the good people at Tinnitus Hub on this podcast where #VSI Founder Sierra Domb and neurologist Dr. Peter Goadsby talk about their experiences in trying to push the envelope for #VisualSnow sufferers as well as the analogies between the two conditions.

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