Introducing our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Maeve! Hear her #VSS story and what helps her manage symptoms. ?

Spotlight on: Maeve Wysocki ?

“Hi! My name is Maeve Wysocki. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Cleveland area, Ohio. I’ve had VS ever since I can remember, but I always thought it was either normal, a natural stress reaction, or I tried to ignore it (depending on the symptom). I only learned that I had it a few months ago when the symptoms were getting so bad that it was interfering with my daily functioning and I needed to figure out what was going on. It was a comfort to know I wasn’t going crazy haha! The worst one for me is pretty severe light sensitivity… that’s why I wear these rose tinted glasses from Axon Optics and they help a lot! I also deal with ghosting, various entoptic phenomena, static, loss of contrast sensitivity, minor & intermittent tremors in my hands and feet, eye pressure, and others… the works! Sometimes I get discouraged because I know there’s nothing I can do to “fix” it and I wish seemingly small things like reading, driving at night, turning a light on, etc. weren’t so hard or painful sometimes. But I have come to be content with whether my VS stays the same over time, gets worse, or gets better. I’d much rather be grateful for the life I’ve been blessed with than wallow in what I wish was different! And I’ve come to enjoy working on doing little things to help manage symptoms- like working out regularly, limiting screen time, taking CBD isolate daily, and of course wearing these specs. No matter your experience with VS, you’re not in it alone! We’re in this together, let’s find a cure! ?”

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