Visual Snow Warriors

> Visual Snow Warriors

Inspiring individuals living with Visual Snow Syndrome share their experiences and how they try to overcome its symptoms.

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Lucia Spaans

Meet our next #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear how Lucia learned to adapt to having #VisualSnow while her fighter mentality encouraged her…

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Mary Lee Evelyn Keeney

Introducing our next #WarriorOfTheWeek! Learn how Mary uses her #VS as inspiration using photography to capture beautiful self-portraits. ?

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Angelina Cubero

Meet our fifth #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear Angelina’s inspiring story about how she manages to push through despite her #VSS and…

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Rick Nowlin

Meet our fourth #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear how Rick learned to approach life with #VisualSnow differently and continue to do what…

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Kelsey Flint

Meet our third #WarriorOfTheWeek and learn how Kelsey first found out about her Visual Snow as a symptom of another…

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Yuri Fontouri

Meet our second #WarriorOfTheWeek and hear about how Yuri discovered his condition and learned to adapt and live life stronger than ever…

Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Mary Payton

Meet our first #WarriorOfTheWeek and learn about how Mary’s medical condition empowers her to create beautiful works of art! ??

India Whitmarsh-Lewis and Melody Smith

Meet our #Warriorsoftheweek, India Whitmarsh-Lewis And Melody Smith💙Spotlight on: India and Melody Hey everyone! We are Melody and India, two…

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